VG EMBALLAGE: a packaging company covering primary packing since the early 20th century VG

Our story

VG EMBALLAGE, previously known as Verreries Générales, was established in the early 20th century. Its main mission was the distribution of glass produced in the Bresle Valley. After successive acquisitions of several other French distributors, Verreries Générales became part of the Saint-Gobain Group in 1966.

Renamed VG EMBALLAGE in 1983, then SAINT-GOBAIN VG EMBALLAGE, the manufacturer and distributor of packaging is stakeholder in Saint-Gobain Desjonquères, following them since 2007, when it was sold to new French investors under the new name SGD.

VG EMBALLAGE is now a branch of the SGD PHARMA group.

Our missions: from design to distribution of packaging solutions

VG EMBALLAGE is a supplier recognised for the quality of its services to professionals in the industry. A distributor of packaging that designs, manufactures and distributes its ranges of products.

  • Designing, developing and validating solutions for bottling, capping, decoration and accessorising for markets in beauty, health and other industries (nutrition, home care, gardening, chemicals etc.).
    Our solutions cover all materials traditionally used in packaging: glass, plastic, aluminium
  • Selecting top partners as needed.
  • Industrialising, supplying, stocking, selling and distributing our items to clients with a maximum of flexibility.

Our strengths

VG EMBALLAGE has strong assets recognised in the packaging and primary packing sector. Our company is distinguished by:

  • A long-tasting experience in the development of primary packing solutions.
  • Specialised and trained teams for each of the markets
  • Proximity to our clients thanks to our commercial teams and branches.
  • A network of partners and manufacturing sub-contractors that is rigorously selected
  • Purchasing capacity enabling us to ensure the best terms for our clients.
  • Real technical know-how: VG EMBALLAGE owns its own research department responsible for the design of our own lines, certification of third-party articles in our catalogue and technical validation of client projects.
  • Ownership of industrial tools: as a producer of standard lines, VG EMBALLAGE invests in its own industrial tooling with the aim of controlling quality and productivity.
  • A logistics organisation facilitating adaptation to your specific needs.

VG EMBALLAGE in figures

Distribution leader in France and with operations across Europe on a daily basis, VG EMBALLAGE, can be summed up as follows:

  • More than 2,500 active clients per year.
  • 150 million glass, plastic or aluminium bottles per year, plain or accessorised.
  • 250 million accessories per year.
  • 550 moulds owned by VG EMBALLAGE.
  • 1,500 items in stock, 11,000 possible combinations.
  • Deliveries to over 50 countries.